The Joourney for Life

    ‘The Journey’ is a very safe, simple and elegant guided process that can change your life for the better, permanently. No matter what the issue is, how large or small, whether is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual 'The Journey' will uncover the keys that are already there to set you free. This is because the process allows your own innate light and wisdom to set you free. As a practitioner my job is simply to guide you using a tried and tested, fail safe technique to help you discover your own inner light and wisdom, then the solutions and healings unfold beautifully and effortless by themselves.

    If you open into the core of any emotion, there you will find the peace you are seeking. Emotions are your greatest friend. They are the gateway to your soul.’
    Brandon Bays

    Making a difference

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    Jonathan has been involved in health and healing for over 15 years, having started his journey at university where he discovered Tai Chi, which ignited his passion for Chinese medicine. He had a light bulb moment while reading an introductory book on Acupuncture that ‘this is it, this is what I am going to do!’ He studied Acupuncture for 4 years at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York and has been if full time practice for 10 years running a busy clinic specializing in treating fertility related issues and has successfully helped well over a thousand of people over that time.

    Jonathan trained in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu for 15 years, becoming one of the head teachers in London, performing twice in the Royal Albert hall before taking a break to spend more time with his wife and young son.

    'My first experience with ‘The Journey’ began in 2000. I have tried a lot different healing modalities over the years and in my experience this is the most graceful, simple & powerful tool available…anywhere. I have spent years using ‘The Journey’ and have had many, many remarkable results with it and continue to witness the miracle of this on a daily basis. I am passionate about health and healing and continue to use Acupuncture and/or ‘The Journey’ to help people discover and experience true ‘Well Being’

    My own experience with ‘The Journey’ has been life changing and its power and simplicity continues to astonish me, I am committed to being the best I can be in all areas of my life and as part of this evolution I personally do in-depth processes as often as possible and attend as many advanced professional acupuncture, Journey and other self development courses as my wife allows! ‘The Journey’ is very deep work and I feel it is a great honor to be able to assist you in finding a level of grace, peace and freedom that you may not have previously imagined possible… and it is.
    With Love Jonathan'

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  • Fertility & Pregnancy

    Childs hand and feet

    Jonathan has been specializing in treating male and female fertility issues for the last 6 years, many couples that he has worked with have conceived and gone on to have wonderful, healthy and very happy children. He is a member of the Acupuncture fertility network which is a network of acupuncturists that have specialist training in treating fertility related conditions and assisting with IVF procedures. Jonathan is able to combine his expertise of Chinese Medicine and Journey work to create a uniquely powerful path to fertility for both men and women.

    During Pregnancy there are often many issues that driven to the surface as the body needs to let go of old emotions and beliefs - especially fear - so it can relax and open to allow the birth process to happen as nature intended – peacefully and gracefully and especially towards the birth itself(my wife had several designer Journey processes before the birth of our son and he arrived in 7hrs at home. She only needed 2 paracetemol at the beginning of the contractions.) The Journey is especially good for learning to trust the body at a very deep level. Several of my clients have had drug free, easy deliveries with their first child.

  • FAQs

    How does it work?
    It has been scientifically shown that suppressing the emotions blocks cell receptors. This interferes with normal healthy communication between cells, impairing body function. Conversely, allowing the feelings to flow unblocks the receptors. This explains one of the reasons this simple process is so profoundly powerful and how results can be instant.

    What happens during the session?
    The sessions are seated and take place with the eyes closed, there is an initial relaxation from which you are then gently guided to allow emotions or images to reveal themselves which then opens the door to resolving the issues. Each session is unique and unfolds gracefully and effortlessly.

    Will I uncover things I can’t deal with?
    This process is absolutely fail-safe, the body and sub-conscious knows what needs to be looked at and at what depth you are ready to go to. Only that which the person is ready to look at will arise. After doing many 100’s of sessions I am always still amazed at how grace works to bring resolution and freedom for each person.

    I feel nervous about doing it, is this normal?
    Yes and a very good sign that you are ready to face the issues! This is a sort of quickening in the body, where there is a tension between the part of you ready for freedom and the old patterns ready to be let go of. This is completely normal. Before any Journey session for myself I always feel apprehension and I am always very grateful to myself afterwards for having had the courage to relax and let the process do its work.

    How many will I need?
    This really depends on how many layers there are going on and where the person is expecting to get to. For many people one session can be enough to clear the issue completely. Sometimes it may take several. For the real challenging ‘life issues’ 3 is recommended. Jonathan will discuss this with you to work out a plan that suits your needs.

    How will I feel afterwards?
    Probably better than you have ever felt before, what you experience will depend on what has been cleared but always a feeling of freedom and being a part of a bigger, brighter and more loving world. It is wise to leave time afterwards for quietness and reflection if possible. Some people can feel tired as the body relaxes and allows deep healing to occur.

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